2013-08-26 day 1 dns created
2013-08-28 day 3 domain accessible via browser
day x about the project, the authors and blips of activity report
a b o u t. 9to5passion.eu
the page is now live and was entered in the first 100 projects
backlink to main project added. content might follow.
remains to host images at http://industrial.sk/img/ at quantumkiwi.com of new zealand.
this site is hosted at http://digmia.com (expert computing) and also hosts uselessguy.com and b612.sk.
via gandi.net 9to5passion.eu domain is registered and points to stormy-castle-2027.herokuapp.com.
the development environment at amazon shall not be a reference copy nor a public node to frequent.
this is a private project conducted in my name with coursera.org and it leads to accumulation of data about its users.
i'm familiar with EU regulations regarding personal data protection and data privacy and from this point of view rest assured there is no privacy policy in place.
if and when i collect any data stemming from activities related to this project, they will be stored and processed as personal directory for private use and not subject of the personal data protection regulations. neither did i engineer the site to use cookies. if you've left any data behind they will not be analyzed.
there are exceptions (occasional log analysis) but nothing shocking.
i just try to avoid collecting any data at all. i can't prevent however systems being archived and eventually restored.
2013-08-31 day 6 html completed
2013-09-02 day 8 task: create faq.thml landing page, github link removed until completed
2013-09-03 day 9 this needs to be changed ;)